The GOATs. They packed so much in to this album it's hard to believe it's only 25 minutes.

Tunings Used:
Drop C - C G C F A d
Drop C variant - C G C F A d

I feel like this is a highly underrated part of their discography. They did some really interesting things that they never quite came back around to revisiting later on in their discography, like the way they approached melodies and chord progressions.

Usually when I transcribe an album I also do it with the intention to understand an album a bit better. While working on this album I think I ended up with more questions than answers. There's so much weird stuff going on that you don't really realise until you delve into it and try to tear it apart. Jason Richardson truly changed this band from the inside out.

For the most part, this is pretty identical to the tabs for The New Reign save for a few notes played and some timing differences in the beginning of Abstract Art. Still, I figured I should have both just for posterity's sake.