Dead Note 2.0

March 01, 2023

Welcome to the new and improved Dead Note Tabs!

The past year or so has been such a crazy learning experience for me in creating the site. I was too stubborn and too cheap to pay for a website building service and so I dusted off my Myspace profile coding skills and learned how to do it on my own. Even in the span of the time since launching the site I've learned so much about what works for the site and what doesn't.

So what's new?

1. A spiffy new colour scheme! I had a colour scheme in mind for the site when commissioning the logo but for some reason I kept the site in black and white for the most part. Now the site matches my vision of what things actually should have looked like.

2. Individual artist pages! What worked at first slowly started to be less convenient as more and more artists were added to the site. It was a long process breaking it up into each page but it gives me a lot of flexibility when adding more albums or artists.

3. In-browser PDF tabs! A lot of people were asking for the option to view the tabs on mobile devices, which is something I completely failed to take into account with the original site design. PDF files were always an afterthought since my main focus was on Guitar Pro but I can absolutely see the inconvenience of having to download and unzip a file on mobile. Due to mobile browser limitations, I'm not able to have PDF files viewable in the site but there's a download link to each song from the window that pops up.

Unfortunately the search bar had to go away for now, but it'll be back as soon as I make it work with the new layout.